Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is just a quick post, I'm on my husbands work computer. I have a virus on my laptop, it is in the shop being fixed.....hopefully they will save my photos. I failed to back up my newest styles, so when I can I will post the picture of this months members only card. It will not prevent me from mailing cards tomorrow, they were printed a couple of weeks ago. TODAY is the last day to join for the intro price of $40---------------->>> pp button on the side bar


cards are being shipped tomorrow.....don't wait....the card club price moves to 49.99 tomorrow and memberships close December 31

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! We had a long day.....and spent most of our time driving hours in the rain, but we made it to our hometown where we had a quick dinner and a visit that was too short. I shopped a little Friday and put up our tree! Check out my clock, my grandfather made that for me last year, it is totally handmade from recycled/left over wood!.....so cool.....any way:).... Company came here Saturday to visit, so we had a really nice holiday break:)

Now back to business!!

2 days left to join the card club at the intro price! December's card will post on Tuesday. All the card club members will get there second card soon!!! I have them packed and ready to ship on Wednesday.

NOW FOR THE CYBER MONDAY SPECIAL! (you can shop today and get the free shipping too!!)---->

FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4 new ART CARDS!!!

Four NEW CARD styles just in today!!!! ONLY AVAILABLE in my NEW STORE!! Click here to visit SouthEnd Girls ART
9 more days to get in on the card club at $40.....price goes up December first.....no more members after December. Don't miss out on the fun :) Card members get special discounts and promotions in my online stores!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Morning UPDATE

Just a quick update this morning. I have a couple of really cute 8x10 originals listed in my webstore. NEW Christmas card design is listed in my webstore this card is a limited edition. I also am offering a set of 6 ART cards in IVORY. These cards are my angel cards...two of these cards are only available in this set! These are beautiful gifts and will come packaged ready to give. Click here to find them on etsy or CLICK here for a visit to the new SOUTH END GIRLS ART
10 more days in November to join card club at the intro price of $40!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

meet Mrs Wiggins

This is the newest member of a series of fun fabulous gals I created on 8x10 wood panels. I striped the sides in black and white and used some fabric paper and Prima flowers for her hair piece. She is a little wacky, I kept thinking of Mrs. Wiggins while I was working on her hair. The original Mrs. Wiggins was blonde, and I don't remember if she wore glasses.......but I think she really liked to chew gum. I have a vague memory of that character, but I liked her name, so I went with it.
Just a few days left to join the card club at the intro price. Next card up for December is my angel Noel. The original is featured in my current article for Somerset Studio....on the shelves now at Borders :) you can read about my Tattered Angels.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You make life Bright:)

I am doing several 8x10 collage mixed media on wood panels. They all have this bold black and white stripe sides. I am listing them as I finish each one, they are adorable grouped together or just as cute all by themselves. I used big buttons on the flowers and walnut stained the sides. I think these are my new favorites.
This is last call for anyone wanting a custom paintings for Christmas. I am going to stop taking orders November 21. I want you to get your art in a timely manor, so please let me know if you are interested...so we will get it done:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning UPDATE!

Good afternoon everyone! This weekend just flew by, so I am running behind today. Just a few quick reminders-- today is the LAST DAY to get the November "Blessings" card created especially for my card club members. JOIN to the right and you are going to get the beauutiful fall inspired card and 11 more cards the following year. Perfect thank you gift for your Thanksgiving hostess. I am only running the $40 special til the end of November after that it will 49.99 for a year of cards.

Everyone is invited to my new webstore- SouthEnd Girls art.com

All my new items and a few previously out of stock items are now listed there! My positive affirmation cards will be listed there today....I only have 2 left! these are great stocking stuffers!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Friday!

The weather is beautiful today! The sun is bright and shiny, and made me feel like spring. So this is what resulted.....a bright fun spring-y kind of painting :) This little girl is a curly red-head, she has set her bluebird free and feels so happy herself. I am still working on her....more pics soon.

I changed my hair to red this week.....not feeling quite happy about my bold change....but time will tell. It feels like a disguise......a bright red blaring...never mind :)
You still have time to join the card club! My introductory price of $40 is still available right here on my blog.
Look to your right---------------->
This is only good until December....then the price goes up!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New STORE opening soon!

I have been so busy this week, I am just going to give you a quick update! I am in the process of opening a new webstore! When I am finished it will be another home for my SouthEnd Girls ARt. I will keep the ETSY store, but in the future new items will be listed there first. If you want to take a peek here it is-

Southendgirlsart.com I think it is easier to remember than my ID name, and it encompasses what my art means to me. I grew up in a big family of all girls. We lived in the south end of Louisville, KY. Growing up in southern Louisville, people would constantly refer to anyone from

"that area"

as "from the south end" ...... most of the time, that was not a complement. I remember a time when I dreaded the thought of a stranger asking me "where do you live?"..... as I replied "the south end".... you see the look of disdain come over there face......of course I may have read that look wrong.....maybe it was fear???? southend girls are kinda tough :)) and I was usually holding shears and their hair when asked...... :)))....ANYWAY

This south end girl creates art to represent all the "south end" girls around the globe.......fun, cute and a little tough. They are filled with hope, joy and faith. I just want to sent them out there to spread my positive message.

Speaking of which......I entered a positive affirmation contest (design a card) sponsored by Louise Hay. I have read a few of her books and have her affirmation cards, including the iphone app. I love her work she is so inspiring.

I won second place!!! I got the email yesterday.... I'm am shocked! I won a big prize package of her book, cards, journal, cd, dvds....all I can say is WOW!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning update!

Just a quick post to start off this week. I was happy to hear we had a wonderful turnout of art buyers for November's first Friday at Creative Hands. They sent me an email to let me know three originals needed to be pulled from my ETSY shop and were going to a new home. SO..... I am back in the studio today with my creative wheels in motion.

I did a few prints on wood. I was saving these for an upcoming holiday show, but decided to list them in my ETSY store. I have two left, but will try to get more done before December. These are printed on Canson french art paper and mounted on nice wood box panels. I cover in acrylic gel, which gives the appearance of brush strokes, sand the edges and finsh in a UV top coat. These sell for $24 and make a great gift. Perfect to sit on shelf. Click here to see what is left.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fabulous Friday!

"City of David" see my article "Tattered Angels" in this months Somerset Studio!

I'm running out of memberships.....don't wait to join! My first group of cards went out a few days ago, I got so many emails from happy customers, I shared one in the post below. The listing is to the right, or go to ETSY click here to join.

Currently I am working on custom orders and packing up the welcome packets for new card club members, but I need to share with you my current news.

I have angels featured in this months Sommerset Studio. The article is entitled Tattered Angels. If you read the article you will understand the title better. I wrote my piece several months ago, before I discovered the new spray glitter called tattered angels (so... sorry glitter people)
Tonight is first Friday, if you are in the area, see my art in the Creative Hands Artisan studio/Fusion Gallery in Bellevue KY. I have an upcoming market place in December, so check back for more details :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Just a quick post- My November card has shipped and I wanted to share with you this wonderful note from a member-


I received my first Card of the Month yesterday. She is precious from head to toe! What a treat to open my mailbox and see your hand-addressed envelope. And, it was even more exciting to open it.

I wanted to tell you what a lovely job you did with the presentation of the card, envelope and the club! What an ingenious idea. I’ve designed and sold cards for years, no card of the month club though…

I’m so glad to be a part of your inaugural program. It’s going to be like sending myself a little present each month when your envelope arrives.

Congrats on another issue of Somerset too!

Wishing you much continued success. I love your work and following your blog!



I am thrilled with the response I have received with the start of this project. The November "Blessings" card will ship until November 15, after that we move on to December. I just relisted the memberships in my etsy store or purchase with the paypal button to the right.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mondate morning UPDATE!

Halloween is behind us, I hope you all had a safe and fun filled night. We had a few trick or treaters, not many. It was a little cool here, we built a fire and sat outside anyway.

I'm working on custom orders, but I wanted to show you one of my finished pieces. This one is done on an 8x10 wood canvas. Her hat is made of a chipboard bird, that I covered in print papers. I used a Unity stamp for the text. I decided to stripe the sides in black and white....I thought it needed more color and as it turned out I love the look. This one is going to the gallery at the end of the month.
If you are interested in "A little birdie told me..." contact me and I will list it in my shop.
Don't forget my card club! I still have memberships available! Click here for more details.

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