Monday, March 26, 2012

NEW ART and MONDAY update!

This past week was beautiful, the sun was unseasonably warm. We had temps in the 80's......I was outside all week in the sunshine working on this large painting. I had my ipod on (Adele), a tall glass of ice tea and paint all over!

"Sun Dance"
18x24 canvas

 I used a few new techniques in this one, I started with a wash of acrylic and layered with watercolor and water spray. I finished with chalk, pencil and more paint. If you look close you can see the background through her hair, this is one of my favorite parts.

I love the bold flowers. The color really pops on the wall, I have her hanging in studio now. I think she feels a little like a fairy looking for her wings :)

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am having the best week at home, the warm sun shining has really been a blessing! I pulled my easel out to the deck and have painted all day. I'm trying some new ideas and playing around with color, I will get some photos up soon!

Two new prints listed today! guessed it! yoga inspired!

The original was created on watercolor paper. I am playing around with mounted techniques for these originals. Until then, I have prints listed for you......and jewelry on my mind :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Journal Page

~Let it Go~

My little "starfish" style girl came back yesterday, as you can see in the above instagram pic. This page was done in acrylic, watercolor, chalk and ink. Visit my pintrest board to see my collection of art journal inspirations!
 I have a large blank canvas waiting  for me, hopfully I will get started on new art this week. As always, cards and prints are available in my ETSY shop.
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Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend was wonderful! I have to tell you about my yoga class. First of all...I stepped out of my box and attended a class at my local Moksha Yoga.......all by myself. I have been practicing yoga on my own for about 6 months with a DVD, so I was really scared to "get out there" and try it with other people. I pushed my fears aside and went to a basic prep class. To my surprise I was the only attendee, I guess the draw of green beer was keeping everyone away............soo, I got a private class!!  One on one with a professional yogi, I felt like a celebrity! It was extremly helpful, and I'm going back. My next goal is the hot yoga class!

On to business- NEW ART LISTED!

listed in my Etsy shop
ready to ship!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Journal and GREEN special!

Happy St. Patty's DAY weekend! My ETSY SHOP sale code is GOGREEN for 20% OFF EVERYTHING! good til Sunday night! Includes originals!

Up next- Art Journal week 3 and 4

Sprout seeds of creativity is the theme for this page, I have planted a few seeds and I am waiting to see them grow. Fingers crossed. I wait.

Still on yoga. This is the theme for week 4

This page was inspired by a few images I saw on pintrest. It symbolizes Balance and Enlightenment. For me, I need to balance my life so that I can incorporate yoga into my daily routine,  even when I need to return to work outside the home. I want it to be as natural as brushing my teeth, you know, something you wouldn't put off till do it now :) I weighed in this week and I have lost 30 pounds to date. I am 5 away from goal, I feel strong.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have four new paintings listed in my ETSY shop today! This group has been on display at a local gallery. One of my all time favorites "Prarie Rosalie" is back home! Here is a peek-


This next one is the original to one of my most popular card prints-


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Art journal week two-

This past weekend we celebrated my MIL 80th birthday! My husband and his sister planned a beautiful event in the world famous Kentucky Derby Museum. We had so much fun spending time with his family, with everyone living so far apart, it is always nice to reconnect. Most of the family we had not seen in years, my mother-in-law was so happy, I hope it is a memory that will stay with her for years to come.

In other news, I'm on week two in my art journal. I have decided to work on a page a week, I hope it will bring me art inspiration, as well as improving my creative writing skills. This is week one-

Last year my resolution was weight loss. I have lost 30 lbs to date (yeah!) This year its about a life style change, eating more healthy and exercising. I want to practice yoga with my cardio and pure barre. This page is about learning to meditate and practice yoga. The elephant is Ganesha, who will guard against any obstacle that may get in my way. I am my biggest obstacle, I think we all are.

Week two, which is this week for me, I'm behind on the blogging-

This page is about a journey. Learning to change is difficult, not only for you but for the people around you. I find myself wondering why its hard for others to accept when someone else is successful in meeting their goals.  Quiet competion is loud in my head, I feel it. I expressed my distress in this page, I'm looking over my shoulder, but I won't stop moving ahead. When I turn the page, those thoughts and feelings will be left there....I will move on.

 Up at the top left on my blog is a link to my Pintrest boards, go there and check out my healthy recipes, and fittness boards. I am 43 years old, I started exercising last year( first time ever). I really "kicked" it up a notch last October, when I started doing Pure Barre from home. This past weekend I was overwhelmed with compliments from my in-laws. Everyone noticed a change, and I know it's from the exercise. So stick with it. I hate to exercise, I have yet to enjoy it...but after hearing so many people acknowlege my hard work it really pays off. Thank you Seiler family for giving me a boost to keep going!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello March!

Just a quick Monday morning  afternoon update! Calling all LOCAL jewelry crafters, you can now find my SouthEndgirl glass pendants at the Union Bead Boutique in Union Kentucky! these pendants are ready for YOU to create your own beautiful necklaces. Please show me your creations and I will feature you right here!
Visit their website for directions-----> Union Bead Boutique

More news!
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