Friday, October 12, 2012

A little late......

I have been crazy busy this week. I have a new foster dog, an abandoned senior yorkie. My mom found her not far from a major highway, she was terrified...near blind and very hungry. She doesn't make a sound, she has about three teeth, and from the looks of things has had MANY litters of puppies. We think she was seized from a out by the  city shelter and then left on the road (by some asshole) to die. This is why I NEVER buy a puppy from ANYONE---EVER. They use these dogs for money and discard the dogs when they are finished. I'm sure the shelter thought she was going to a safe home, but this is where she ended up on a highway to die.

 I will leave you on a good note. The angels at Bluegrass Boxer Rescue (link below on left) here in NKY are helping us with some of the vet cost and possible placement. She has a long way to go in healing process, but she is safe now. I named her Miss Daisy...

she is all ears:)

She will need long term care and medication. I may need to start fundraising.....but for now..........I will update you on my art.

I listed two Halloween witches that are counting down the days to October 31..... 


Click here for listing.....I was late getting them listed so they are PRICED TO SELL! don't miss out! This is the first one, she has a sister.... look for her too:)
Thank you so much for supporting my art

Monday, October 1, 2012


We had a wonderful weekend in Hamilton co. The park was beautiful, the air was crisp and I so enjoyed seeing repeat shoppers and meeting new people. Thank you everyone for a great weekend!
Today it is back to business, I am still deleting sold out prints and adding new prints, so keep checking. I have a stack of new card prints waiting to list.
 I noticed today that it has been a year since I listed a 6x12 original painting on wood! I started with this size, and created nearly 100. I moved on to large canvas and have worked on these for quite a while. Last week, I found a piece of wood in my studio and started painting......I miss this size! I forgot how fun it is to create these girls in this format. I am going back to my roots for a while.....and just listed this little raspberry haired fairy...

Created in fall colors, she will be the first of my fall 2012 "She Said" collection. The words are stamped from Donna Downey stamps entitled "She Said". I think they are perfect for my she she art style :)