Thursday, April 19, 2012

I see the LIGHT....

sounds kinda corny, I know. Today I want to share with you something that has become clear to me, if you read my blog then you know for the last year and half I have been on a self improvement journey. In all honesty, aren't we all? I mean, you don't wake up in the morning and say today is the day I am going to ruin my life!......we all strive to be our best self.
Over the last year or so, I have lost a decent amount of weight, and started a daily exercise/ lifestyle change. I am SLOWLY trying to change the way I eat, this one is the hardest for me. I have determined that I am a Flexitarian-
“Flexitarian” is a term recently coined to describe those who eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but occasionally eat meat.
and they forgot to add a bunch of "carbs" which is where I have a problem. ANYWAY..... on to what is most important in my blogging rant.
Everything has a snowball effect, in fact, I really didn't put the pieces together until yesterday when I  stopped to think.
 Last October I took that killer Pure Barre class (great workout......but pricey) I came home exhausted and a little beat up, but the next day, I woke up and said "hey, I  did that killer public, by myself....with a bunch of fit 20 somethings"
The snowball started.
Suddenly, I think, well I did now I can do (fill in blank)___________...with less fear and anxiety.
The snowball gets bigger.
I decided yoga looked like something I wanted as part of my,  I am in yoga class 3 times a week. I may not be the smallest, or the most flexible....but I'm there, stretching it out with the best of them. I see my progress and I like what I see. wow. breakthrough.
Now....what does this have to do with art???? I am an artist,  not a health guru! Get ready, here is my "light".
I have literally struggled with the simple concept of  "painting" a face. For the last three years, I have tried desperately to just pick up a paint brush and create the same look I achieve with colored pencils. I could never get "it" just right......... I have a garage full of rejects to prove it. Now, this may be a coincidence, but I think its deeper than that. Since I have introduced yoga in my life, I have a new found confidence, I think my "snowball" gathered up more that just  feeling  fit. It gave me strength in every area of my life, including my art. My studio is full of new art....all with pretty painted faces. Where did this come from? It  must be from the inner strength and confidence....if I can do this...then I can do that.... it just keeps a snowball......
Where is all this art? well, I am going to keep it under wraps for now. I have a huge new business venture under you will have to wait .........but,  I will give you a little peek. Have a great week...
Namaste....the light in me salutes the light in you <3

Sunday, April 15, 2012

OH Happy DAY!

Celebrating THREE years on ETSY this weekend! 
Thank you all for three great art filled years!

use ETSY code- JUST3 when checking out!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Time for a change......

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up! I will be re-modeling my etsy shop and re-working things. All of my 5x7 single ART CARDS are going to be discontinued. I will no longer be selling them as individual cards. (If you are local I will still have a full line at my art shows.) As the listing expires or sells I am not relisting. I love creating my art and will continue to do so, but ETSY is getting expensive as many of you know.

I am excited for a new venture with Penny Lane publishing and I feel certain you will see my "southend girls" next year at a store near you. For now....get those cards while you can!

New art on my table....
"Just Fly"
(to the unknown....which is where I'm headed)