Thursday, February 25, 2010

More snow???????

I wish it were spring already! My SPRING PROMO is still going on! Buy 2 get one free 5x7 cards!!! Check out my ETSY store- Congratulations to the 100th sale winner! Thank you so much!

New auctions are up, including my birthstone angels- This is my February Angel done in the color of purple representing amethyst. I have March already listed. My plan is to offer an angel a month in the birthstone color. Eventually I would like to create custom angels for clients, this angel looks like my niece, Madison.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FACEBOOK FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Please fan me on facebook! under Andrea T Designs- I am planning on doing daily specials and ETSY features of other artisans. I only have a handful of fans, so if I can get a few more I will start adding artist features! Click Here

Spring PROMO is still under way, and I am at #99 REMEMBER #100 will get the free card set!
A little collage for spring-

Monday, February 22, 2010

#100 will be the it you?

I am very close to 100 sales in my ETSY store, if you are #100 I will send you a set of my Positive Affirmation cards FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very close I hope it happens tonight! Good Luck!

Auctions END TONIGHT!!!!

SPRING CARD PROMOTION!!! ♥Buy two get one FREE! Details below♥

Just a quick post to let you know My EBAY auctions are ending tonight! A couple have 0 bids so someone may get a bargain today! Click here to be the first (and maybe the only :)) to win an original painting for your home. I have 5 small mini collages scheduled to go on tonight. The large 12x12 Firefly collage is still waiting for a home.

I just had a bunch of 4x6 prints made in all NEW designs!!! Collect the CARDS! They fit into a 5x7 frame and make wonderful gifts! These are mounted on black textured card stock and will come with a black trendy envelope. I am going to have these in my ETSY store by the end of the day, hopefully before lunch. If you prefer cream card stock just let me know and I can make your cards that way, add it in the notes to seller or CONVO me. CLICK HERE to visit my ETSY store

I am going to put these cards on sale! Its my--- wish it was SPRING card promotion! Purchase 2 5x7 cards from my ETSY store and get one FREE!!!! All you need to do is add in the "NOTES to Seller line" your card of choice. You can choose from the 5x7 Card category !!!! Stock up or frame a grouping for your wall!!

Monday, February 15, 2010


cause I'd get a thousand hugs-

from ten thousand lightning bugs

as they tried to teach me how to dance

-Owl City

My inspiration for this painting.
I re-purposed a wood sign I found in my garage. The snow is keeping me away from the art supply, so you just have to make due :) I have a sister piece I will show you later this week. This one, will go to Ebay tonight, I would like to keep her, but my studio is getting full of my glittery girls. She really seems to glow with glitter. I collaged vintage garden book pages and print paper. The tree is acrylic and watercolor. I love the vintage buttons in the tree leaves. It measures 12x12. Click here to visit my auctions, I have several without bids ending tonight......someone is going to get a bargain!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angel Wings

Just wanted to show you these great wire wings I found! My first thought is, great for a doll! I just finished taking an online doll making class. Cloth and Clay dolls from Gritty Jane This class was great, I learned to create a doll from cloth and paper doll however, not so cute. I need to practice.....a bunch. Sculpting a face is much more difficult than I expected. I will need to work on this :) I wish I could show you a photo, but she is really ugly :( ANYWAY.......

I wanted to use the wings, so I added them to a wood piece and created a hanging collage. Here it is, and I did list this angel collage on EBAY. Click here to bid

Thursday, February 4, 2010

HIgh Hair

HIgh Hair
Originally uploaded by angellea
This weeks Flickr Find! You may not know, but I am a hair stylist. I love hair so this really spoke to me! I am obsessed (this week) with wanting hair extensions, I have been shopping around and buying color samples. I hope to have really LONG hair soon.......maybe :)

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