Thursday, February 11, 2010

Angel Wings

Just wanted to show you these great wire wings I found! My first thought is, great for a doll! I just finished taking an online doll making class. Cloth and Clay dolls from Gritty Jane This class was great, I learned to create a doll from cloth and paper doll however, not so cute. I need to practice.....a bunch. Sculpting a face is much more difficult than I expected. I will need to work on this :) I wish I could show you a photo, but she is really ugly :( ANYWAY.......

I wanted to use the wings, so I added them to a wood piece and created a hanging collage. Here it is, and I did list this angel collage on EBAY. Click here to bid


Sandra said...

Very, very cool looking Andrea!!!

thkelly said...

I just LOVE your beautiful Angels. I always tell my Husband I want one of you originals and he never listens. I will probably have to buy it myself. This one is just so pretty. Off to check out ebay!
Theresa K

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