Monday, February 15, 2010


cause I'd get a thousand hugs-

from ten thousand lightning bugs

as they tried to teach me how to dance

-Owl City

My inspiration for this painting.
I re-purposed a wood sign I found in my garage. The snow is keeping me away from the art supply, so you just have to make due :) I have a sister piece I will show you later this week. This one, will go to Ebay tonight, I would like to keep her, but my studio is getting full of my glittery girls. She really seems to glow with glitter. I collaged vintage garden book pages and print paper. The tree is acrylic and watercolor. I love the vintage buttons in the tree leaves. It measures 12x12. Click here to visit my auctions, I have several without bids ending tonight......someone is going to get a bargain!!


Anonymous said...

This would make a great rubber stamp image Andrea. It's beautiful.

腰痠 said...


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