Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New art 2015

One down.....My first painting of 2015. This one has a sad story. I wanted to paint something for my dads 70th birthday. Since you know, I am the south end girl, and I paint girls. I wanted to step outside of my box and create something "manly" for a dude, or at least something you could hang in your man cave. Cars are out the question, he loves baseball....but that was not going to happen, so I sit and ponder all night. Then it hits me, why not houses? or his house? I had a great idea and off to Michaels I went. Two days later, my neighborhood scene was created...and then painted over, and re-worked again...and AGAIN and once more. You should check in on my instagram, I post most of my art in progress there, This painting went threw so many stages I lost count. Bottom line, it was not working. My dad is going to get a lasagna and maybe a shirt. Sorry dad :( 
I am a thrifty artist, no way will I toss out a perfectly good canvas. My next step was to get back in my box and create from the heart. Here she is, surprise! another angel. She is full of layers and texture, with deep colors. Laying next to her, while I was painting, were some snippets from a previous painting, Those were added too. My angels always have inspiration from above, so the words fit in perfectly. Here are a few close up pictures, There is layers of paper, gesso, ink and acrylic. 

My final touch was gold spray, You can see the sheen from the gold in the corner.
The words fell from table, and landed next to me (I was working on the floor of my studio). I thought, they must want to be part of this angel's story, so in the top of this painting they were added.

 I layered printed tissue paper to her dress.

I really like how she turned out, sometimes you just have to give in to the process, and see where it takes you. Thank you for visiting me! 
xo Tiffany