Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

This is just a quick update! I have a few new pieces of art listed in my ETSY shop. There are card sets now available, and new pendants in the Luulla Shop.....go shop:)

I am working on new pieces for the two art shows I have scheduled. These are large 16x20 art boards. They will need to be framed to be displayed. I'm calling this grouping "Cabernet Girls".....you guessed it, wine themed! I will be at the Verona Vineyards June 9 all day for a art show. I will have more details soon. If you are interested in these 3 paintings contact me, the price will be alot less BEFORE I have them framed. You can frame them yourself and save some cash :)  I will hold these original paintings for you with a small deposit. They will be availble after they are shown in June. {Contact me for more info and better photos}

Check your local bookstore next week for Sommerset Gallery -summer 2012

You can see my "Office Party"
Learn to collage with your office shredder!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Update

Good Morning! Today is just beautiful. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am going to pick up my artwork from a local gallery that is closing its doors. I am so sad to see small business closing all over. I will list the leftovers in my Luulla shop. I will come back here and post the links, you will get a great deal...trust me.

I am almost 8 weeks in my yoga classes. I moved up to power yoga after a couple of weeks. I felt like I needed more of a challenge. I love going to class, my only complaint is... I am always on time. When I walk in to class,  there are maybe 2 others waiting to start. I set up. no one around. It never fails....6 more students will arrive late and they ALWAYS set up BEHIND  me. UGH. Yesterday, I had two pilates instructors behind me. Why will you not move into the huge open space and help us out?? I could use someone in front of me to show me the way??? I fell three times trying to get into this---

I plead to all you advanced yogis out there, please move to the front.....help me out, will you? I need your guide!

Anyway......no more complaints. Yoga is not about that....... I'm just sayin :)

Look for new art soon, PLUS my latest article will be on the shelves in local book stores JUNE 1

Sommerset Gallery

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy May!

I have been away for too long! I want to let you all know, that I have not quit on my art, it's just time to move to  the next level. I recently signed an agreement to be represented by Penny Lane publishing. I am very excited to see where this path will lead me. I have been working like a hurricane in the studio creating new artwork and designs. All of my recent originals are being done on canvas boards. They are flat and easy to scan, which is why I chose this substrate. They will be created into prints and wrapped canvas and maybe much more! Currently, they are residing in Ohio and being logged into stock. I will get the originals back sometime this month and will offer them for sale at local shows and online. These pieces will need to be framed to display.
I will be at two local art shows in June with more cards and pendants,  be sure to check back for dates and locations.

currently on my table...."Miss Liberty Belle"
 She is created on 12x12 canvas board, I am adding a striped border. I think she would be so cute framed in distressed barn wood!