Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekly Update

Good Morning! Today is just beautiful. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am going to pick up my artwork from a local gallery that is closing its doors. I am so sad to see small business closing all over. I will list the leftovers in my Luulla shop. I will come back here and post the links, you will get a great deal...trust me.

I am almost 8 weeks in my yoga classes. I moved up to power yoga after a couple of weeks. I felt like I needed more of a challenge. I love going to class, my only complaint is... I am always on time. When I walk in to class,  there are maybe 2 others waiting to start. I set up. no one around. It never fails....6 more students will arrive late and they ALWAYS set up BEHIND  me. UGH. Yesterday, I had two pilates instructors behind me. Why will you not move into the huge open space and help us out?? I could use someone in front of me to show me the way??? I fell three times trying to get into this---

I plead to all you advanced yogis out there, please move to the front.....help me out, will you? I need your guide!

Anyway......no more complaints. Yoga is not about that....... I'm just sayin :)

Look for new art soon, PLUS my latest article will be on the shelves in local book stores JUNE 1

Sommerset Gallery

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