Friday, March 16, 2012

Art Journal and GREEN special!

Happy St. Patty's DAY weekend! My ETSY SHOP sale code is GOGREEN for 20% OFF EVERYTHING! good til Sunday night! Includes originals!

Up next- Art Journal week 3 and 4

Sprout seeds of creativity is the theme for this page, I have planted a few seeds and I am waiting to see them grow. Fingers crossed. I wait.

Still on yoga. This is the theme for week 4

This page was inspired by a few images I saw on pintrest. It symbolizes Balance and Enlightenment. For me, I need to balance my life so that I can incorporate yoga into my daily routine,  even when I need to return to work outside the home. I want it to be as natural as brushing my teeth, you know, something you wouldn't put off till do it now :) I weighed in this week and I have lost 30 pounds to date. I am 5 away from goal, I feel strong.

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