Thursday, November 18, 2010

meet Mrs Wiggins

This is the newest member of a series of fun fabulous gals I created on 8x10 wood panels. I striped the sides in black and white and used some fabric paper and Prima flowers for her hair piece. She is a little wacky, I kept thinking of Mrs. Wiggins while I was working on her hair. The original Mrs. Wiggins was blonde, and I don't remember if she wore glasses.......but I think she really liked to chew gum. I have a vague memory of that character, but I liked her name, so I went with it.
Just a few days left to join the card club at the intro price. Next card up for December is my angel Noel. The original is featured in my current article for Somerset Studio....on the shelves now at Borders :) you can read about my Tattered Angels.

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Cori Lynn Berg said...

I absolutely love her! If only I could have polkadotted hair too!

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