Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Morning update!

Just a quick post to start off this week. I was happy to hear we had a wonderful turnout of art buyers for November's first Friday at Creative Hands. They sent me an email to let me know three originals needed to be pulled from my ETSY shop and were going to a new home. SO..... I am back in the studio today with my creative wheels in motion.

I did a few prints on wood. I was saving these for an upcoming holiday show, but decided to list them in my ETSY store. I have two left, but will try to get more done before December. These are printed on Canson french art paper and mounted on nice wood box panels. I cover in acrylic gel, which gives the appearance of brush strokes, sand the edges and finsh in a UV top coat. These sell for $24 and make a great gift. Perfect to sit on shelf. Click here to see what is left.


bearkis said...

Красиви,нежни композиции!Поздрави!

curlysusieQ said...

Hi Andrea, love your work! We were both published in the same issue of Somerset Studio and we both live in Kentucky. I'm thinking I may have meet you at Scrap's etc, a few years ago? Stop by and check out my blog.

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