Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome to the Land of Pretending.....

a place where joy is never ending. That is the wording I chose for my latest mixed media painting.

If you are just looking at this piece you will see a castle, garden and a very cute little princess.....but if you know me, you will know I have a secretive meaning. I am going to share my thought process....hang on tight! :)

Without being too deep, all girls/women want to be a princess ( I personally prefer queen) secretly.....I know you do, don't try to deny it. Anyway, back to the start, if you are "that" girl, the reality is, you are living life with your rose colored glasses on, being a princess is fantastic, but one day (hopefully not soon if you are under 25) you will be forced to take them off and see things clearly. Life isn't always fair, sometimes love doesn't last, you may have to work and clean your own castle.... until then........ my are entitled to everything... Love is GRAND, your garden is rose colored and you are the "Queen of your rose colored garden"

Enough of my bizarre and kind of a downer thought process. I guess recently, I have just wanted to shake a few people and yell "WAKE UP! join us in reality.....that creep is not prince charming your own knight" My latest painting is just my secret sarcastic take on the state of my union :) and for those of you still confused by this CraZineSs I will move on.....but one last thing, if you are concerned about me.....I did marry prince charming, I still live in a state of bliss, and at 40 still wear rose colored glasses :) and I am the Queen of my little garden.

Painting Details---- this is a large 12x24 wood. I will list it on ETSY later this weekend. These shots were taken on my table, as I am waiting on the buttons to dry. I love the flowers, they were created with sewing pattern tissue, I white washed them and added a bit of tattered rose ink. The background is a mix of shabby pink and pale cafe latte, touches of rose and ink stain. My princess has brown hair and blue eyes, her dress was created from vintage doilies. This will look great in a cottage shabby style room.....for girls of all ages. If you are interested feel free to contact me. I will have better photos on the listing.

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