Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just a couple of updates, I listed 3 auctions this week! These are all of my Halloween designs. They are originals....and I only have them listed as 3DAY- I always ship FAST so you will get these way before Halloween. Just in time for decorating. I have two on my mantle and they are so cute in the candle light. I'm not one for gross creepy Halloween if you think cute is creepy too CLICK HERE :)

I did a couple of art shows this past month, I was surprised to see my biggest sellers were mermaids. I sold nearly all of one design and all of the second. I love mermaids, but I was not expecting fall shoppers to be drawn to summer mermaids, with that in mind I created Stormy. This little cutie is in two parts- 2 5x7 wood panels. I pieced her tail fin by fin and added glitter, microbeads and
gold. The background is metallic blue and teal with a few touches of shabby pink. She is adorned with tiny shells I picked myself on the warm beaches near Saint Augustine, FL. I named her Stormy....for that dark hair.
~SOLD thank you~~

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