Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Find a little FREEDOM

This week I have spent time trying to catch up on getting ready for the holidays! I have my ETSY shop filled to the brim with new art and new ideas. I have over 30 card designs and nearly 20 original paintings listed.... PLUS plenty of prints to choose from! I think I will spend the rest of the season working on my side projects. I need to finish my studio, paint some chairs and get ready for two last art shows. If you are interested in any of my original paintings and need a lay-away please feel free to ask. My email is on the right or convo me thru ETSY. I can help you out.

Next up is the card club, details are in the two post below this one- This is a fun idea to send a card to someone you love every month (including yourself) I am limiting this to 25 members. If you want to wait til closer to Christmas to start your membership, just let me know after you make your purchase. I will hold off on mailing your first card till December.

This is my latest painting entitled "Freedom"

My creative string led me to a field of flowers...almost naked...dreaming of the day I will be free from my cage. I think the cage really represents what we feel every time we look into the mirror, the cage we trap ourselves in as we constantly strive for perfection. I can write pages on this topic, but I will let you interpret this painting for yourself :)

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Anonymous said...

Your art is wonderful Andrea, I love every update that you make in Facebook ! you have been really productive :)

Have a great day
Maria Palito

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