Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fashion CREATES Art...Art CREATES Fashion

24x24 wood

My latest project was created for a space in my studio. I started with one concept, and moved to another. I wanted this in all black & white, which is so much harder than it sounds. Then I spent hours pondering the possible colors to add....again, I still could not decide. I eventually let go of concept one. I found my stash of vintage newspaper, and tore out the adds from 1974. These were fashion adds and some hand drawn (i think) advertisements for panties.......more like bIG DrAwers aka granny panties. I cut them into strips and grabbed the closest print papers. Created a "fashion garden" with the paper and adds. I wanted a model so instead of using one of my girls in color I decided to leave her plain and just blush her cheeks. I think I like this look, tell me what you think. I was inspired by one my favorite artist Julie Nutting. She has been in Somerset Studio several times, click here to see her art blog. I love her girls, they are so unique.
I will list this on ETSY soon, it is huge, but not real heavy. I will have better photos later...this is just a peek :)

Another great inspiration...Michele Lynch. Click here for a chance to win one of her beautiful pieces of art jewelry. My fingers are crossed...I want to win :))

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