Friday, September 3, 2010

Thank you EVERYONE!

I want to THANK EVERYONE for all the wonderful emails and comments on my Somerset artwork! I am so excited to see it out in the stores! I'm getting ready for art in the park next weekend, so most new artwork is on hold. I am currently taking custom orders, there is about a 3 week turnaround. Please contact me through either of my two stores. Links to the right :)

I just found Graphic 45 Steampunk Debutante. LOVE it. Had to have it. Bought it all. I am excited to add a little steampunk in one of my pieces. I have the vision, now I just have to gather up the supplies. Thank you again!

If you are in the Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati area, I will be in Bellevue, Sept 11 for Art in the Park. My items are also available in the Creative Hands Artisan studio, located in Fusion gallery in Bellevue. Shop hop is TONIGHT, they are open late. Have handmade. :)

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Lenae May said...

Oh fun! I was just stolling through blogs and low and behold I find you! I'm in the same magazine this month...haha...too funny! I love your cover work!

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