Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New painting and MORE

I was up before the sun this morning. My new furry friend, who decided he was going to live with us needed to go have his "situation" taken care of this morning. Lucky for us, our county is having a spay and neuter program this year. I was able to take Enzo (new cat) to a drop off this morning, where they will transport him to a vet and have him neutered and shots for $20. Thanks to the kindness from a private donation, Kenton county residents can help curb our cat population, with this low cost treatment. I have only lived in this city for a few years, one of the first things I noticed about this area were the cats, EVERYWHERE, it was like something I have never seen before. Wild cats all over. I was not the only person who thought this was problem, many rescues were to the limit with cats. The shelter put down so many cats last year, that someone decided to help with this program. I have three cats, I did not need another, but what can you do when they find you?? now I have four. I will pick him up tomorrow, and then he will meet the rest of my cat crew.

Next up, I had a great weekend at an art show. I love to meet people and show my work. The feedback was encouraging, and overwhelming. I want to thank everyone for all the kindness. It really helps me gain focus and see what people like.

My latest project was something I created originally to add text to digitally. I left an area free, photographed it and added the text in photo shop. I am using it to create affirmation cards in the future. The original however, is too cute. The blonde girlie, is wearing a dimensional dress created with tissue and glitter. I think it is perfect for a teen/preteen/tween room. I am going to list it in my ETSY store, the buyer can have the option to add whatever text they want to the original piece. I usually paint chipboard and add the word or name to the piece. I can add a phrase, or really whatever the client would like. The only thing I cannot do, is change the color of hair, dress and background. So if you are interested in a semi-custom piece. Click here to see the listing.

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