Friday, September 17, 2010

Dance like no one is watching....

So here is quick insight to my creative path... don't worry its a short path. First I found this song that is playing on my blog player. I thought what a fun happy dinner at a Mexican restaurant.....ooh I love the hanging lights! vision: Young girl in a handmade dress... dancing as no one is watching, carefree and happy on a warm starry night. Maybe she is in love or has had too many margaritas.....WAIT that last girl is me.......scratch that.....back to happy young girl dancing.

I started this wanting a 3d effect on her dress. I remember an article I read in Somerset (issue Jan/Feb08) I found it, and tried the technique from Vanessa Valencia. After painting my background and using collage papers to create the town, I adhered my doll and started to create her dress from crumpled vintage atlas paper. I also added vintage sheet music and a bit of German glass glitter. I built the dress around the ruffle train, by placing cut pieces of print paper. I finished her dress with a couple of tiny handmade flowers that were given to me by my friend Sandy Vint.

When I look at her dress I remember the movie Pretty in Pink. Molly Ringwald's character creates her own prom dress with scraps and pieces from other dresses. Didn't everyone think that was the coolest? We all wanted to try making our own trendy clothes for a short while, the 80's were great :)
12x16 Birch wood box panel. 1.5 wide natural sides. mat finish. If interested in purchase please feel free to contact me.

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Janet Ghio said...

Love this mixed media piece. You have really captured the freedom of her dancing like no one is watching!!

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