Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This week marks our two year birthday with Dixie! She is a tiny 10 pound ball of fire, who is creating a tornado as I type. She was rescued by an angel ( a volunteer who works endlessly to save the dogs that cruel humans disregard) and came to be adopted into my furry family. She was rescued by Lisa a volunteer at Bluegrass Boxer Rescue, although Dixie is not a boxer by any means :) they do not turn their back to any animal in need. She was so scared and under weight when she came home.....but now she is plump and feisty! Dixie rules the house, and rules a kingdom of cats that is ever increasing. We celebrated with organic pizza cookies, which are a new favorite, found here at the Celtic Canine Cafe This picture of Dixie was taken her first week of rescue......now she won't hold still for photo. All she wants to do is give me her kisses and dance for treats!
Next up! I am selling my Cricut and cartridges-- great deal on ebay Click here I have the small one and 6 great cartridges PLUS the deep cut blade, 2 sticky pads and a spatula! Make me an offer! I want to remodel my studio and I have my eye on a great table, so I'm selling my toys :)

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