Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Morning update-

The weather is hot and sticky here, I'm ready for the cool breeze of fall. I worked on this fall piece Sunday. It is a large 12x24 wood piece. I did a run through of my setup for art in the park.....praying for nice weather....maybe a break in the heat???? This piece will go with me, It has a girl....who may end up an angel. I pieced pumpkins with print paper. The landscape is a combo of photo image paper, paint and stencil leaves. I will probably inscribe something on the hills, just not sure what as of right now.

We have a stray cat who has decided to make his home in my garage. I guess he likes the food that appears in his bowl every morning. He is very friendly, I think he must have been dumped in our neighborhood. I am going to neuter him and fix him up. Hopefully we can find him a good home. I have three lady cats, I'm sure they will not appreciate this Casanova invading their space.
I can't wait for the fall issue of Somerset Studio to hit the stands! I am still so excited about being on the cover! I ordered 5x5 prints (just a few) of my cover art. They will be available in my shops soon. I am still waiting on my original pieces to come back from CA. I'm not sure if I will offer those for sale. If you are interested, contact me and I will let you know when I decide.
I hope everyone has a great week!


bearkis said...

Много приятна композиция!Поздрави!

The Vintage Sister said...

it's hot and sticky here too!! looking forward to fall.

i love your new piece!

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