Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Morning UPDATE

We had a fun weekend, I hope you did as well. The heat was nearly unbearable, we were scheduled to go to a Reds game and I have to say I was really dreading the HOT hot hot ballpark. Right as were were walking in, it turned dark and a downpour started. Normally this would really suck, but given the 90+ temp it was truly refreshing. After the rain..... it was nice and cool for the rest of night. Little miracles is all it takes sometimes :)

My artwork has slowed down, I guess I have an art block. I gessoed (is that a word?) over a large painting I wasn't happy with. I covered it again, three more times (I think) I have lost count. I am going to try to work it out today, if not..... the trash is waiting. That is Monday for you.

I started reading Eat Pray Love, I am usually a little behind on popular books. When I hear about the movie, I run out, get the book and try to catch up with everyone. So far, I really find it intriguing. Elizabeth's words are resonating with me. How can I find a spiritual advisor? I will go back to yoga today and maybe I would like to learn another language?? my thoughts for Monday morning.....Ciao!


DeeDee said...

Hope you're able to break through the block. I am behind on books too. Think I will pick this one up this week. :)

Isabel said...

Sad to say i have not picked up a book in months which is unusual for me, I love to read and can usually read 4 books a month:( I hope your art block lifts soon I enjoy your art!!! have a great evening:O)

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