Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Good Morning!

Just a quick post to say THANK YOU to Vickie over at Graceful Moments blog for featuring one of my favorite paintings "Dream" Thank you so much! This is available for purchase for just a short time, it is one of the pieces going to an art show with me the first week of September and after that.......it may be gone :0) I love her sock feet, it is my favorite part of this piece. Click here to grab her up and add her to your collection!
Thank you for the comments on my dreary post yesterday, I finished my troubled painting and covered it in beeswax. I won't say I love it, but I'm I'm glad its done, time to move on. Have a great day!


Msartist said...

Hi Andrea, I love her! & her little saying~ Sweet Inspiration!
(hugs) Theresa

Graceful Moments said...

I love her too...that's why I had to include her in my favorites. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog!

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