Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vác Gates & Doors - The "Portrait" Collection

Today, I feel like I am searching for the strength to open a door. I read a recent blog post from Melody Ross, where she spoke of opening a door......any door......just open it. It could be to try something new or venture into the unknown. Sounds easy, but is sooooooo difficult. Here is a quote from the post I read-

Just want to encourage you to explore the doors in your life. It is scary....I know. I am not sure what is scarier between opening new doors and closing old ones....all I know is that BOTH of these scary things are far better than doing nothing. Opening doors leads us to our new, beautiful life.........closing old doors allows us to let go of all that's holding us back........why are we so afraid???? Start with just exploring the doors that are there...then I hope you will promise yourself to open a few....and close a soon as possible.

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Diane said...

Andrea--thank you for this--great post!

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