Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday morning update!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun fourth! Friday night we went to my featured artist opening night at Creative Hands- We had a great time talking to everyone. I sold a painting!!! Yeah! that is always a plus!
Saturday we drove into Louisville to visit with my family and have a party. I have three and half sisters (that means you Karen :) and eight nieces, I have a few nephews but the girls really rule at these parties.The theme of my painting last week was "intertwine". Women seem to live with an intertwined life. We all have a bond and a common thread that keep us together. That was really the thought when starting this collage. The girls in the painting represent four different women, no one I know personally, but more of a representation of women and their bonds in general. I created another slide show with a few family photos, I couldn't include all the girls but there are a few of the many girls I am intertwined with.

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Diane said...

Great video and great art!
P.S. I love your choice of music, especially the Crystal Bowersox song--love it!

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