Monday, March 28, 2011


"Morning Song" 

A couple of weeks ago a friend gave me a tip on some panels she had found on clearance in a decorator store. These were originally manufactured as tops to add to the top of a file cabinet in order to create a desk. They were being discontinued and were headed for the dumpster, unless someone could come up with a use for them. She thought they would be great to paint and use as wall art. So off I headed to find me a bargain and save the planet a little less in a landfill :) (these were far from landfill in the box the name of art)

Well, the are a great size for a wall. 17.5x20.5
The only problem I have had is the weight. They weigh 7pounds before I pack them back in their box. So shipping is going to be high, with that being said, the three I have completed will more than likely stay here in local galleries. The first three are going to Creative Hands in Bellevue KY. I am the April featured artist, you can see all my new spring pieces on Friday April 1st for the first Friday shop.
"Garden Party"

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