Friday, July 8, 2011

My WILD side...

The Cincinnati zoo suffered a terrible loss this month. Our beautiful 3 month old giraffe Zuri. Read more here-

Animals can bring us great joy and an abundance if inspiration. Just like my love for birds, animal print is always a fabulous spring board of creativity. This week I created my tribute to Zuri.....of course in a fashionable way :)
This is my card print version. I like to create a version that can be used on cards. I will digitally add the text and create a print to mount on 5x7 cards. Perfect to frame, and send.
The original is still in the works. I stopped here to photograph for the card, but will continue to work on this until I have a piece that is hang ready.
I also want to point out this was adapted from a project in Julie Nutting's book Collage Couture. Great book, I highly recommend!

I also added text to my peacock piece, but you will need to stay turned for that one! I'm creating a themed card set, so check back!


Jeanette said...

So sorry for the loss of Zuri, very sad.
What a lovely tribute. She is something! A very adventurous piece with lots of moxi!

Angela B. said...

gorgeous card!

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