Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Peacock is the new owl.......

 One of my favorite birds. The majestic beauty of these enchanting creatures captivate me. I'm surprised of the popularity of owls, they seem boring in comparison, but are still interesting in their own right......but my favorite.....the peacock! 
I love the colors. Jewel tones. Deep teal, blue, gold and a touch of tangerine.  Perfect for a gala....a gown.....a show stopping dress. 
 I created the peacock in watercolor, as well as the bodice of the dress. From there, the "tail" was pieced in print paper, and painted again. The background is layer on layer of different paints and textures.

I sprayed additional tail feathers, to give this an ethereal look.
Detail work in gold.
20x20 wood panel

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