Wednesday, February 16, 2011

thats what She Said......

no no no not the Michael Scott joke!

I came across a great set of word stamps called "She said" a few weeks ago. This set was created by Donna Downey for Unity. My first thought was, I have to have these....they are a perfect fit with my art here they are!! I worked on this group all week, they are 6x6 on wood. I painted, and collaged my girls and stamped the words on each one. They would make a great girly gift for a graduation, birthday or any day. The words are inspiring and powerful. I gave them each a name so I could keep track of them. The group is cute together, but each one is unique and would look perfect alone too. These are listed in my ETSY store. a low price....don't miss out!
Each is a kind!

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Donna said...

Your girls are all so beautiful! Love your art!!!

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