Sunday, January 17, 2010

Angel for Haiti

I know you are watching the news coverage of the terrible tragedy in Haiti, the loss of life and destruction is so hard to see. This morning I decided to create an angel for Haiti, I have a large 12x24 wood plank that I have been wanting to use. I am going to auction this on EBAY with 100% of the proceeds going to one of the charities listed by Mission Fish. This is a peek at what I have finished so far. I hope to have her listed by Wednesday.

I encourage all of my blogging art friends to do the same :) If you are like me you have a bunch of extra half painted canvas and wood just waiting to be re-worked , finished or just started. Take a little time and create something beautiful that can help the need. I have auctioned with Mission Fish before its really easy and safe for the bidder. You know your money is going to help those in need.

Please blog about my auction when its up, I will be happy to do the same for you, just let me know. Add me as a friend on Face book or my fan page page (I just started it; links are on the right) to keep up to date on my listings.


Dee Dee said...

Love this idea. Going to see what Ican do. :)

Dena E's Blog said...

Your Angel is simply Beautiful what an inspiring idea. You must be one of Gods Angels yourself.
Hugs Dena

Dee Dee said...

OK, I linked to your blog on my own and listed a charity auction on eBay as well. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

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