Thursday, October 29, 2009

This month sucks

That is the only way I can sum this up. We have had an unbelievably bad month, first my over price fridge quits (as usual warranty is up) next up... car breaks down. Last Saturday night take husband to ER, still do not know what is wrong, we have to wait a week for a follow up. Two days later my poor sweet dog starts with a horrific nose bleed. I rush him to the vet, they say cancer, on to a veterinary internist who does an expensive nose procedure and cannot confirm the cancer, The worst part is (besides my house is now covered in blood stains) my dog seems to be in worst condition than he was after his nose stopped bleeding on its own. All I can think about is I made the wrong choice in trying to get to the bottom of the nose bleed. I need some good news and lots of prayers.


queen-of-nostalgia said...

Oh, sweetie, I am so sorry :( I wish I could do something - I will send good thoughts your way, and hope some good news breaks for you :(

Hugs (the warm good kind with extra pats on the back)

melissa said...

I am sorry too. Lots of good thoughts are heading your way from afar. From me to you.

Sandra said...

AWWW Andrea! I am so sorry! Sending very, very good thoughts your way! Hopefully, things will get better very soon.


Amy Sutter said...

sometimes life seems to take different turns that are not always easy... I pray that you have a grace right now on your life - that this too shall pass and their is brighter days around the corner.
many blessings
Amy :-)

CreaRenata said...

Oh Kristen, I hope that november wil be a better month for you and your family. Lots of good thoughts sending your way.


Anne said...

Oh Andrea, hope some good news come to you soon. All I can do is to send you a big hug.

Hugs from Anne

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