Thursday, October 8, 2009

The PIXIE Cottage

I told you a while back about The Pixie Cottage stamp line. This is an update on my new stamp line sold EXCLUSIVELY at Michelle's Scrapbooking and More. I am on the design team with a great group of exceptionally talented artist and crafts people. I hope I can keep up, I have been deep into paint for the last few months and now I need to get back into "stamp" mode.

The first card I created was a quicky. Hopefully over the next few weeks I can get my creative juices flowing and really come up with something unique. ANYWAY, this stamp was made from a painting I did. The little girl is some what of a self portrait, seeing this as a stamp, kinda freaks me out, but that is a whole other issue ;)

I designed this stamp the same way I sketch all of my girls---- I am going to cut off her head. A little tip I learned from Suziblu, after I sketch and color, off goes the head. NOW, I don't have a thing for the queen of hearts, but when I reattach the head, I can tilt it and give her just a bit of movement. I think it makes my girls look a little more real, and not just staring straight into space.

I used this technique with the card I created. After the girl was water colored I cut off her head, I then reattached the head to the body. I raised her up with pop dots to add dimension. I inked this card like crazy, the print paper is K&Company and the butterflies are stickers from HL. The word stamp is from Clear Designs. The stamp of my little girl is my design from my Southend Girl collection. If you would like to add this stamp to your collection she can only be found at Michelles Scrapbooking and More. If you purchase this stamp, be sure to let me know. I will feature you and your creation right here on my blog, and you may just even receive a little surprise from me ;)


Tara said...

This is so clever Andrea! Your image is beautiful and I love the way you've tilted her head....... it does sound a bit brutal to behead her but the result is certainly worth it, lol!
Hugs Tara xx

Sandra said...

I LOVE it!! Also love the phrase, "off goes the head", only you Andrea! LOL!!! Love you, girl-friend! Very beautiful piece!!!

Pam said...

Andrea, Hi this is Pam a designer or Pixie Cottage. I just wanted to stop by to say hello. And tell you I love your designs. Your stamps turned out beatifully!
Pam L.

scrappyjan said...

hey sweetie, LOVE IT!!!! you really made me laugh when you said off goes the head... hee hee hhe..
hugs to you , janny

CreaRenata said...

This afternoon I got my DTkit from Michelle and guess what? I got a stamp of your creations. The same one you did on this card. Can't wait to make a card with it, but first have to finish the sketch card for wednesday. By the way..I like the way you tilter her head. (Great idea!)I think she is also very good for paper piecing, gonna try that one time.


Michelle said...

Andrea this card is so elegant. I too like the tilt of the head, I would have never thought of that.

Risa said...

Your card is beautiful Andrea! I would have never thought to tilt her head...very cool affect!
I love your stamps!!!

Katie said...

Wonderful card! And what a great idea to "make her your own" even when working ith your own design! LOL
The head looks great and I'm jotting that down in my idea book right now!

Tammy said...

This is such a fabulous card. How very creative!! LOVE it!!!

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