Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday night auctions--

"If you seek an angel with an open heart you shall always find one"

- anonymous

I love this quote.... my husband found it for me, so I added to my auction listings. I think angels are for everyone, religious or not. An angel is comforting and should make you smile. I finished two more of my little mini angels. These are my favorites.......for now :0) They are tiny wood plaques measuring 4x4 inches. I added a ribbon hanger on these two, but the next time I make this size I think I may leave off the ribbon. They look so cute just sitting on the table or in a mini easel. They will be listed tonight 6:15 pacific (EBAY) time.
The angels I listed last Monday are ending still have time to bid. I will ship NEXT DAY... so you can have it before mothers day! If you win one of my auctions tonight, and tell me you read this here on my blog-- I will include a handmade Mothers day card with your winning item! I always gift wrap my items so you will be ready with a unique gift made just for your mom. Click here to go to my listings.


Jennifer said...

What an adorable piece!!

Scrapishments said...

Andrea, your work is just gorgeous! :) What an amazing talent you have...absolutely beautiful :)


Naija said...

love it

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