Monday, August 20, 2012


I am gearing up for my fall show schedule! Next up is Art in the Park- Bellevue KY Sept 8th and Folksiders Sept 9th. BIG WEEKEND! in an effort to lighten my load I am listing art on EBAY for auction or sale (if you get there first)  LOW LOW prices!

Click here----Bless this home

I have two angels on there now! Plus later I am listing some super cute clothes.....I love to shop, so I find great deals at the end of the season. I lost weight this past year, so some of these things were never worn. Look out for a fabulous maxi dress! It will be on later tonight! I loved the color-

I will keep my card sale up for a few more days, in case you missed it-->

My shops will close Sept 10-17 for vacation

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