Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Update

I finished this shortly after Christmas, it is a 12x12 hard canvas. I created this one to enter in a themed contest.....sadly it did not win or place :(

The name is "Dream Street" ......She dreams of living by the sea in a little cottage. This piece contains vintage maps and doilies. Lots of print papers and buttons. A little lady who is lost in a breezy day dream. I have the original here. I also have a print snippet created into a pendant here.

Art made with HeART.......the perfect gift for your valentine.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Don't forget your Valentines!

Only a few left! Valentine post card set! 6 high gloss cards-blank on the back....perfect to send to all your little sweeties! They are listed in my ETSY shop :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Morning Thoughts.....

I get emails from, today I read an entry from artist/blogger Patricia Hecker. She creates the most exquisite wood boxes, see them here in her shop TattooDreams . I wanted to share with you her words-

Why would you buy this from me? I can tell you all kinds of facts about how it was made, who made it, the size, the color - buy why would you buy this? Why would you spend $55.00 for a box? $800.00 for a painting?

Financial/practical folks would say "Do you want it or do you need it?"
Of course you don't need it.
You buy art because you want it.

Will it improve your life? Debatable.
If smiling when you see this object counts, then 'yes'.
If feeling that you have helped contribute to the life of an independent artist to continue living their creative life makes you feel good, then
If surrounding oneself with unusual one of a kind treasures makes you feel
like you're creating a personalized pod to live in, then 'yes'.
If by owning this, you vicariously are living with a piece of this artists spirit in your home or office - then 'yes'.
Pretty compelling reasons I would have to say. Then again, I'm the artist who wants you to buy my work!

So - if this is the case.....think about these things the next time you hesitate. The next time you think,"should I buy that beautiful work of art that seems to be tugging at my soul".......just say 'yes'.

There is no right or wrong in buying art.
Buy what you love.
Buy what ignites your spirit.
Buy what makes you feel whole.
Buy what makes you miss a breath.
In becoming attuned to your inner voice, you come to count on it's intuitive input
when you need the push to say 'yes'!

As 2011 unfolds, make it point to buy at least ONE handmade piece of art each month.
At the end of the year, your collection will have grown,
your sense of collecting strengthened -
your passion expanded.
You will have grown too!
You may find yourself smiling more.
You may find yourself showing others your collection - having people into your home.
These are some of the wonderful aspects of art.
It is beauty and grace all wrapped in one!
--this is art!


Happy Collecting!

I started this year off with purchasing a piece of art from ETSY. It was a very small investment, but I wanted to support other artists, they way people support my art. I know the economy still sucks, I feel it every time I sit all day at an art fair or check my email for online sales. I contemplate every day, should I put this all on hold and go back out in the "real world" and get a job.....or wait in faith that this is the right path. I think Patricia has it right, I want people to buy art because it will make them feel something....I buy art because it makes me feel happy. I want to look at the creation and know a kindred spirit created this to pass on the joy. I will continue this year with a purchase a month.....something tiny, just a little reminder for me to see every day and know that someone else out there is working with me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snowed in!!

Well...the weather is keeping me away from my scheduled art show. I hate to miss a chance to get my art out in the community, but the location is over an hour away ...... the snow and ice is really harsh. I decided to stay home........... ANYWAY...I created a cute little grouping of 6x6 mini art collages. These were going with me, but now they are on ETSY! LOW price and too cute! I have them sitting on my shelf, but they are just as cute hanging up, or sitting on a table. My favorite is the girl with blue hair :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Day Everyone! I'm up early, so I thought I would blog a little this morning. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported supporting my art. This is my full time job, I feel comfortable with saying that now. I have managed to work at home now for two years, it would not be possible without the many people who support my Etsy shop, and now my online shop. I also have a big supporter right here at home ;0).....he has my back, when things are slow.

First up......Valentines CARDS!!! these turned out soo cute, but I only have a few. This is my new 2011 Queen of Hearts- Cards are high gloss, blank back (tiny logo on bottom of back) I am selling these in sets of 6 ($1 deal) perfect to send to your loved ones:) Just a heads up to card club members...this is the February design, your club cards will be the usual 5x7 version, not the postcard. Click here for listing

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow!

We are deep in the snow today! I created this card for an upcoming show this month....Artfest at Icefest. My snow angel is wrapping her arms around the little town.... I thought today would be a good day to list a few on ETSY. Click here for Warm Winter Wishes
I also re-created Frida and have the original print of this months card club design.....visit my store check them out:)

Monday, January 10, 2011

New items listed!

This will be a really quick update! I tried to get here last week, but I have been soooo busy! First- ETSY update, I added three of these adorable necklaces. I started with several but when I showed a sneak peek on facebook, few got snatched up! My photo skills are poor, but trust me....these are too cute! I have experimented with jewelry making in the past, but this time I love the results. They are cropped images set under glass and then glued into a silver tray. I add a little gift tin, perfect for storage or gift giving! They are in my ETSY store.

I will have new cards coming this week, so please check back!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday Morning Update!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year! All of this weekends sales have shipped including the card club. New card is posted to the right. Memberships are now closed until next season. I have set my art goals and I am ready to start the new year!

I created a new Frida this past weekend.... In honor of a new creative year :) She has her paint brushes stuck in her hair....which is a popular hair style for myself ....on just about any given day :)

My sister-in-law gave me a Susan Boyle cd for Christmas, it was accompanied by a letter explaining her choice. She said, if a woman over the age of 50 can find her voice and have the courage to share it with the world, then she... being a woman over the age of 50 would support her and purchase it (and pass it on to me.) She ended her letter with a quote "find creativity at any age" This has really resonated with me, she is right. After high school I put away my "paint" I was nearly 40 years old before I found my way back. You can find your creativity at any age.

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