Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little slide show for you-

I have never really done a video of me painting, but I thought I could piece together a slide show of a collage painting in progress. It goes by quick, and you may want to turn off my blog music (bottom of page) I added my favorite Shakira song to this one. This is another large painting, 12x24 and will be available in my etsy store later today.

The title is Suburban Gypsy, lately I feel the need to move away from here, travel and explore. I have a husband reminds me of daily, so it looks like I will stay here for a bit. Look close, one of the hills is a map of my town. Also, ignore the no make-up and morning hairstyle :)


Nelly said...

Beautiful creation as always. How I wish I could draw so I could include that in my work. Thanks for this video.

Sandra said...

Very, very cool Andrea!!

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