Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm a GYPSY........

Inspired from my latest favorite song (as you can tell from my blog player) GYPSY HEART-

This is an original done on wood- 6x12 Click here to see the full painting

I chose a deep hue of midnight blue with pops of bright pink. She is holding her tambourine and flowers adorn her hair. I used bits of vintage lace paper ( great etsy find by me!) to add to her dress. I added glitter to this one and used metallic paints as accents. I really like this piece, I think she has a soulful look in her eyes.
Yesterday it was about 85 degrees here in the bluegrass state, but as they say in Kentucky if you hate the weather wait 24 hours.....Today it is 53 we may not even reach 60 degrees!!! I am wearing two shirts and a huge sweater, yesterday I sat in the sun in a tank top and shorts! CRAZY!!! sorry for weather vent.... back to business. If you are on facebook please feel free to fan/like or friend me!! You can find me under Andrea Seiler and fan page Andrea T Designs. I can update you on the weather there..just kidding :) All my shop updates are there as well as my personal shopping updates, I love to share my ETSY finds on facebook. See you there!


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Love this little girl! And I liked the song too so I had to add it to my playlist!

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

omg this girl is amazing!!! I adore the way her head it tilted and those lashes are so beautiful! you are sooooooooo talented!

hugs mandyxx

Pilgrim of the moon said...


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