Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Winters Tale...

Its December, I can hardly believe it. I hope you all had a blessed and thankful holiday, I know I did. Now back to more holiday prep.

I love mixed media, and paper crafting, so if you haven't checked out Tim Holtz 12 tags of Christmas and his demo. Please do so.  He created a beautiful "winter look" tag that I adore. It was my current inspiration for my latest creation. I started with this piece of loose canvas, and just painted. I was hoping to create a Christmas angel, but as I continued to add color and wings, she just didn't "feel" like an angel. I thought she seemed sad, and maybe a little bit  heartbroken. Most of time I paint with the thought, " I need to sell this". I know if you are like me, selling on Etsy, in your retail shops and at art shows that is where your head is at when you start a painting. I think its good to just paint sometimes. Whatever comes out on the canvas is what it is, a part of your heart and soul. There is no need to please a customer, or just paint to paint. Art journals are great for this. We all need to create for ourselves, take a little time this month to paint for yourself. Give yourself a gift. Sit alone in the quiet, squeeze out the paint and see what happens. My favorites always happen this way. 

I'm nearly finished with this piece, Her wings are gone, and she holds on tight to her heart. I think the sadness I felt from her at first, has changed to hope. I sprayed glitter mist all over it, to give it a cold wintry look. Maybe she has lost her love? or searching in the night for Edward...{I know its all about Hunger Games now, but I miss Twlight :)}  To see more in progress paintings follow my Instagram- southendgirlart.


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