Friday, January 6, 2012

Work in PROGRESS......

 Well, I am trying so hard to get back into art mode. The last time I finished a new painting was WAY back last September???? I think :(

  I plan on taking an art class this winter, but in the mean time I thought I would work on something new.This idea came from a DIY art project I saw online, it involved melted crayons. I have that idea posted on one of my boards on  the site. (andreatdesigns is my username if you are interested)

I started with a sketch and moved it to a new style "wet media" canvas.

I'm totally into big curly afro style hair right now. I'm sure its because I'm so tired of looking at my flat straight hair.......but anyway....... next up-

I used watercolor and crayons to add flowers-

I wanted the
 flowers to drip on the dress, as if it were raining flowers to color her gown.

My final plan was to finish it off by melting the crayons down the canvas.....Here is where my plan went wrong- I crushed the crayons and tossed them all over the painting, pulled out the hot air gun.....and YOU guessed it....I blew the crayons EVERYWHERE! No drips....plan failed.

I must tell you, I did this late in evening, I have a cold and I was a bit loopy on decongestant. This being said, my next move.....I grabbed the iron and began to melt the crayons all over the canvas. I'm reminded of a quote from my favorite fashion guru Tim Gunn
 " I have made more mistakes at 3am than I care to remember"

 The wax and the iron...BIG MISTAKE.
now what?
Do I toss the canvas in the garbage?

 I left it. Got up today and thought I will "make it work" (another Tim Gunn quote)

I used a Martha Stewart trick and layed a piece of cloth over the worst areas and heated that iron back up. I ironed over a few areas to take up some of the wax. It helped a little. My next step will be more paint and maybe text.

 I'm calling the one "Soul Flower"
I will keep you posted on the details.

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