Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondate Morning update!

I can't believe the holidays are upon us.....this year has really flown by! Last year my resolution was to loose weight (like everyone) I started the year strong and lost 20 pounds by April. Then I went on vacation......and came home. I was tired of dieting and decided to just workout EXTRA hard.....I hurt my knee and was forced to lay around and eat.....well, I chose to eat :P ........I gained back 10lbs... UGH! Soooo, I'm back at it, again. I lost the 10 extra  pounds this month, but I am stopped at "my wall".  If you have ever tried to loose weight you know what the WALL is.....the number you can never get past .

I watch the Biggest Loser, which is so inspiring. I am lucky to have never faced a weight issue of that magnitude, and the fact that the contestants can wokout like an athlete gives me the courage to try to change my life here I am at 43, learning to eat better and exercise. The eating better is a HUGE undertaking, I am the worlds  most picky eater. I try, thats about all I can say. I eat the same stuff over and over and long for my fast food faves.

I did do something this past week that I am proud of... I went to an exercise class, by myself....all alone. I was nervous......more scared, I think. I thought if I went early in the morning the class would have more people my age there....WRONG. I read a bit about this new studio that had just opened, its called Pure Barre and it looked like something I could do. I went in for my free first time class, at first there was just two other people there, so I thought OK, I'll be fine. My first panic happened when I asked the girl next to me if she had done this class before. Her reply "no, I'm a dance instructor and I have been told by my athlete friends that this was the toughest workout they have ever endured" ......I screamed I was looking for the exit, the rest of the sorority of sexy fit 20 somethings piled in and music started. Here I was STUCK in a room full of fit, hot looking, young girls in tight workout gear. I was wearing loose fitting grey sweats....hoping my ass was covered.....need I say more?
I did get through all 55 minutes of this painful, lift, tighten and tone class. I think I'm going back. I also think I'm going to try hot yoga....a funny thing happens when you try something new and succeed, you feel the desire to try some else new. This years resolution will be to step outside of my comfort zone. Try something new every month.

Now back to art. Sorry you had to hear my personal drama, it does relate, trying something new is how I ended up here, working as an artist........following my passion. I think everyone should make a list of the little things they have always desired to do, like a bucket list, but of smaller things that you can easily accomplish once a week or a month...whatever time and life will allow. A million little things can make up one BIG life.

Now for art----- This is my latest angel. She is TALL. 8x36

I pieced her together on a long wood plank. Distressed with walnut stain, She is painted in weathered aqua/blue and unbleached titanium. LOVE her, this is one of my favorites.

Make your list today......or just try one new thing, even if its broccoli (on my list) 

Have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

Your artwork is beautiful, truly inspiring. I will send you my fav broccoli recipe, you gotta love it! ;)

Andrea said...

Thank you Jordanna! Send me the recipe:)))


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