Monday, April 25, 2011

Still RAINING.......

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I live in Northern Kentucky, about 30 minutes from the site chosen to re- create a life size Noah's ark. This will be part of the Creation Museum. They picked a great spot, it has been raining here for a month...... no end in site, floods everywhere. yuck.

 [Just a note: I added a link to the website of the Creation Museum, if you are interested in this little fact about NKY, I have never been there, and really have no knowledge of their practice or teachings. I am not promoting their site] 

I started the month moving to an organic diet, I will finish about 4 pounds lighter (yeah!) and 3 inches of bloat gone from my waistline. Yesterday my Wii told me (for the FIRST time) I have a "normal" BMI. Believe me, I gave Jesus a ton of extra praise on Easter Sunday. All of this dieting and exhausting exercise is starting to work. I have more to go....but the joy of a small accomplishment goes a  L O N G way :)

For Easter I fixed a  spring salad to take to my moms. I started with organic dark leafy green lettuce, added  organic baby spinach and fresh organic strawberries. I made my own dressing-
1 cup of orange juice
1 fresh avocado
3 green onions
{I found this recipe on the Wholefoods website and tweaked it a bit}

I thought I took a photo, I guess I didn't. I will next time. I wanted to show the kids, that even grown ups can try something new. Healthy is not a bad thing......just different. Thank you to my mother, who got out her bag of pre-packaged iceberg lettuce, dumped ranch dressing and croutons all over it, and acted like I was trying to poison everyone. :O)

~Back to ART~
the rain has put a damper on any new artwork. I am going on vacation in 25 days, I'm sure I will find my mojo on the beach....I always do:)

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