Monday, August 3, 2009

Buy local.....

In a "green" lifestyle they say you should buy local produce, well why not local art? While on vacation in St. Augustine I met a local artist selling his beautiful prints in the town square. I thought what a great way to commemorate a fantastic vacation. I am going to have this print framed and look at it every day and remember a great vacation. From now on wherever we end up on our vacation that will my mission, to seek out local artist and add to my art collection!

The print I purchased is a watercolor of the Casa Monica, which was the hotel we stayed in. The artist is Scott Raimondo. I love this print, I think it really captured the feel of the old Spanish city.


Julie-ann said...

So beautiful to have keep sakes that remind you of somewhere special.
Sometimes when I visit Ebay I see you're art for sale, your art stands out so much and is very beautiful.
Love the eyes and your lace type wings and words. So special and give me such a smile when I see them, thank you!

zime said...

Your art is beautiful!!

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