Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Night AUCTIONS!

Just a quick note- My auctions are ending tonight and THREE more ORIGINAL pieces will be listed! Inventory at work is draining my creativity :0( but I did get a few new pieces done to list this week. I made a new angel on a 4.5x9.5 piece of wood, similar to the fairy I have ending tonight. I love her hair! I added beeswax to this one- I have her hanging in my studio now- she looks so cute! Here is peek of "FAITH"


Christie Cottage said...

I love your work!

scrappyjan said...
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scrappyjan said...

Beautiful Andrea!!!! I agree about work draining the creative......hummmmmmmmmm

I didn't go today. :o)

hugz janny

Naija said...


i love your work as always
cant you give us a tutorial on how you do a small altered art painting?pllllllleeeeeeeeasssssssseeeeeeeee

queen-of-nostalgia said...

I love your girls! They are just so winsome and pretty and dainty and sweet... LOVE them!

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