Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A feature by my niece Taylor Dupree

After reading about my new little rescue dog, my niece Taylor wanted to tell her own story of her animal rescue. Here it is in her own words-

This is how it all started my mom and step dad were driving and it was day time. All of a sudden Juno, my precious baby girl, was in front of the storage unit. They pulled up to her and opened the door [of their car] and she was ours. When I first saw herI immediately wanted to see if she knew any tricks. It turned out she knew how to sit and lay down. Even though she isn't potty trained yet, we get to keep her. Juno has a pretty smile! Her favorite color is a light shade of purple and a light shade of green and her favorite words are family and love.

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Michelle said...

She is beautiful Taylor! I am sure she loves having your for a "mommy"