Friday, August 1, 2008

Recycle Your Scraps

This year I suggested to my family that we give "earth friendly" Christmas gifts, because it is important to learn more ways we can save the enviroment.....and I love a shopping challenge. With this mind set, I researched a bit and came across this-

It is estimated that each year our scrapbooking industry utilizes over 380,000 trees in the manufacturing of scrapbook supplies. Experts estimate that one tree can yield 8,333 pieces of paper. (Claudia Thompson, Recycled Papers: The Essential Guide, Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1992.)

My favorite hobby is a huge threat to trees. My passion for paper collecting drives me buy countless pieces of pattern paper. Now my daily challenge is scrapbooking in a earth friendly way. I will say that I save nearly EVERY scrap, but that doesn't stop me from buying it daily. Here are a few suggestions to help recycle and learn a better "EARTH friendly" way to create a legacy for your family, and keep on scrappin'

Recycle. Recycling is the process of turning waste materials such as paper and plastics into a new resource. To recycle, save recyclable items and send or take them to a recycling facility. The facility will process the materials so it can be used in new materials.
The craft of scrapbooking involves a lot of paper products, including cardstock, patterned paper, and packaging. Often scrapbook items are sold in plastic packaging as well. Learn what items can be recycled in your area.
Set up a spot in your scrapbook area for placing items that can be recycled. In my scrapbook area I have one trash can for recycling papers and one for non-recyclable items. Sort paper and other recyclable items as you are scrapping.
When opening a new product, divide the paper and plastic aspects of the product. Sort and place any recyclable items in the appropriate recycling containers.
Support recycled products. Write to the scrapbook manufacturers asking them to consider using recycling materials in their products.

Reuse. Reusing is the process of using items again. Reusing benefits the environment because the material does not need to be processed into a new material. Reusing also benefits other people because more than one person can use the item.
Repair scrapbook tools that have broken.
Find multiple uses for a tool or scrapbook product.
Save scraps of paper in a scrap file to be used later.
Donate to charity items that are no longer used.
Sell items that are no longer used.
Share or trade idea books and magazines with others.
Purchase slightly used items from others or at a garage sale.
Scrapbook supplies often come in attractive packaging. Be creative and use this packaging for various craft projects.

Reduce. Reducing is the process of consuming less and throwing away less.
Purchase durable, long-lasting products.
Do not buy the newest item if an item you have already will do the same thing.
Do not buy new items unnecessarily.
Use old items as much as possible before purchasing new items.
Find items around the house to use instead of buying something new.

By following some of these tips you can keep your supplies to a minimum and help the environment at the same time.
I found these tips online, if you have more suggestions to help me "GO GREEN" in my scrap studio I would love to hear from you!

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Michelle said...

Andrea I too have a great love of scrapbook paper, but also a love for the environment. I think all scrapbookers could find a place to plant a tree every year or two, be it at their own homes, or someone elses. That way I feel like I am giving back some of what I am taking.

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